Monday, November 19, 2007

Rainy Day Top 10

10. Being able to find that one perfect Myspace song to put in your profile.

9. Rain gently tapping on your skylight on a day you can sleep in.

8. Christmas lights hanging in your room year round.

7. Chai, incense, and loud trance late into the night.

6. A small Moleskin notebook constantly in your pocket to write down random things that occur.

5. Being able to gloat about the just-complimented photographs on your walls being your own work.

4. The moment you realize your family dinners play out like a scene from a mafia movie.

3. Random Top 10 lists on obscure blogs.

2. The perfect song that gets your inner rhythm going at any particular moment.

1. Being able to come up with a blog entry just random enough to be amusing when you have nothing else to say.


Anonymous said...

there are two similar ones, the ones havign to deal with music.
and also, its incense not insents.


but i do like ur little rainy-thing on top of your blog and i envy your day of sleeping in. Especially in this crap weather.

M1KE N. said...

Myspace music, and music to listen to are two very different things. I listen to Jason Mraz and Mika on occasion, but I wouldn't be caught dead with either one in my profile. Learn things.

I have no idea what your talking about with the spelling. It does say incense. Look.

I'm not sure why you have a dash in the word moron, but it seams to lose a lot of meaning and intellectual integrity that way.